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Ahmed Adel

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Ahmed Adel
Senior Software Engineer in Android

I am a Senior Software Engineer, mainly Android, with +8 years of experience. Currently, I am a Senior Software Engineer at Zendesk since November 2019. I worked before in well-known and fine startups in Egypt like Swvl, Eventtus, DigitalYards, and StarWallet Labs. Proudly, I and my other 3 colleagues built a local android community in Egypt called EGDroid ( We did 4 successful meetups so far, an online course for learning android from scratch, and we have our slack channel to connect the android developer and to share the up-to-date android stuff. Also, I held several talks in different places like Instabug, Tafra, EGDroid, Trella, Freelance Yard, and Techila Con where more than +500 techies attended. Most of the talks can be found here ( I did some open-source android projects and libraries. You can find them from here ( Besides, I mentored tens of techies and helped them improve their android level to reach seniority. And as a result of that, I create an android developer roadmap ( that can help anyone how wants to learn android from scratch. It helped a lot of people and we use it in Zendesk for the interns.

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