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Ahmad Zalat

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Ahmad Zalat

Ahmed Zalat, 34 years old. His first phase of experience was obtained through Marketing & Sales for more than 3 years. The second phase went to practice planning and general management for more than 9 years. He is a consultant in multinationals, where he has devoted 90 percent of his practice to develop their business and plans for the last nine years. He has extensive experience in marketing, creating manuals, and six sigma projects, and the core competencies in strategic planning “no matter the industry is."" He was worked for many companies, including adidas, Abbott, EL Araby group, Misr El Kheir Foundation, G4S, KimXT, White Horse, Metawee Group, OTO English, KUWAITGC, Johnson & Johnson, Blue bubbles academy, Pmaestro, Sharik HUB, and Mrsool app He has 9+ years of an exceptional track record in driving business excellence with core competencies in planning, and general management. His repertoire of expertise includes redesign the companies and resolving issues in a way that propels innovation and growth. He is a frequent speaker at startups events."

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